THOWD TOWN - True Hustlaz Out Wreckin Daily Takin Over Wright Now.

   Big Sho' Daz & Vietnam (formerly known as Young Nam), 2 Detroit Natives, that created a whole town called Welcome 2 Tho' wd Town (W2TT) starting off just Da Boss & Da Engineer then began to spread like a wild forest fire in certain spots all through the map. The beginning of the movement first launched off when Sho' Daz dropped "Who Da Boss" telling the world what he did in the industry to get that title. On the same track, you'll hear Lil' Pimp screaming out in a high pitch voice "I'M THE BOSS".  Prior to forming W2TT, Nam blew down with a demo production tape to Sho' Daz while
 in the front of Underground Etc; later on finding out that they 're both from the Motor City and been working together since then. In Mid 2006, these boyz pushed 2,000 units around the city of Killeen/ Fort Hood, of their first mixtape in the first two weeks. 

    After W2TT achieved this objective, they went on to host Da Que Club in Harker Heights two weeks with their own wooden street sign in the actual club while people was taking pictures with it as a backdrop. During the length of development, they were able to complete over 19 projects including albums/ mixtapes within 6 months. Sho Daz went back home to the D; while Nam stayed in Fort Hood forming together W2TT La Familia (Brick Banjo, KUP, KCStreetz, Neptoon, Cedes, JR-Chi, SL Tip & Fred Faulk) and Click Tho' wd (Vietnam & KUP). After departing from Texas, They left as a legendary group with the title of being the OutKast of Texas and Sho' Daz began to air Tho 'wd Town Radio on WHPR 88.1 Highland Park, Detroit, MI while working at Big Block Records on Fenkell & Livernois

   By the end of 2008, Vietnam launched the official website for The Real GrindHouse Records and signed with Coast 2 Coast Mixtape DJ coalition. While everything was in the making, Nam put together the first preview of W2TT: The Animated Series. Afterwards they met up in Miami but this time, they were on a bigger mission. With a record label under their belt, they reached out the people from Italy, Russia, Cuba, Egypt, Iceland, Puerto Rico, Germany, UK, Venezuela, China, Japan and many more countries just by promoting all through Miami (From Little Haiti all the way to South Beach). As soon as Sho' Daz & Nam touched down in the city, they introduced Diamonds And Dolla$ Everyday (DADE) via music, trend and fashion. While down there, they completed two (2) studio albums; theme songs for the Miami Heat "Fiyah On Da Flo", Voss Water "Wetter Den Water (I Drink)" & Club Madonna (Self-Titled); Went to Miami Ink instead of them coming to W2TT; filmed most of the footage for Miami Fresh: The Movie. Now You Who We Are...